Events of 1969 Survey


In his 2009 book, "1969, The Year Everything Changed", Rob Kirkpatrick wrote:

"I don't think it's even debatable. There's an America before '69, and an America after '69."


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1)   So, besides graduating from high school, which event of 1969 do you think most changed your life or our way of life in America ?

  July 20th Apollo Moon Landing
  August 9th The Manson Murders
  August 15th Woodstock Music Festival
  August 17th Hurrican Camille Ravages the Gulf Coast
  July 25th Senator Kennedy And Chappaquiddick
  September 26th Beatles Record Their Last Album, Abby Road
  March 17th Golda Meir of Milwaukee Becomes Prime Minister Of Israel
  March 10th The Crime Novel, The Godfather, Is Released