Reunion Music Playlist

We all have our favorite songs that we just never get tired of listening to, no matter how often we hear them.  Or that special tune that brings back memories of your prom night.  What about that song they played while you danced with that special person for the first time.  Remember that song that you always sung to while cruising around Big Boys?

Well, there's no reason why you can't enjoy those songs again!!  Just submit your list of the songs (and artist if you know it) that you would like played at our 50th Reunion Gala.  We'll pass along your suggestions to our DJ so that they can put together a music playlist that will help make our reunion one to remember!

You also like some music that's a bit more contemporary?  Or some of the classic Country hits?  Not a problem.  We'd like to hear your suggestions for those too.  

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1)   I would really like to hear these songs at our 50th Reunion Gala.