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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In Milwaukee, WI USA
Occupation Ret USAF/Zilis CBD Oil Rep
Children Though divorced, am close to the kids:
Fabian (stepson) & Ursel
Grandkids: Katharina & Denis More…(w/ greatgrandson: Leo)
Andrè, Vanessa, Laura
(All live in Ehningen, Germany)
Military Service Army & Air Force  
I was a member of the graduating class of:

Other PHS Class or School


While at UW-LaCrosse, signed up at the urging of roommate Jane Worm for the UW-Wisconsin Copenhagen Extension Program. Did my junior year liberal arts studies in the basement of. City apt building the students called the Potato Cellar. Stayed another 1 yr as an Au Pair to a Danish family and then promoted to the family chef starting in May 1974. It was long hard work and I actually missed school. By Oct I had enough and let the boss know I wanted to return to school in early Jan 1975 to finish my college degree. Ha!...she fired me. I learned quickly 2 weeks notice on job transitions for a baseline. Silver lining, I worked the next few months at a popular Danish gift store downtown Kbh. When I got back to LaCrosse, got in to the last class of US-Army College Juniors, a pgm recruiting women in to their Officer corps. That meant I came in as. WAC or Women’s Army Corps, and by 1976 was in the military intelligence branch. Yep, I know, contradictory words there. 6 yrs Army. Branch transferred to the USAFR, and spent the next 22 1/2 yrs serving, while a US Gov’t civilian. By 2007, I had 2 retirements: the USAF and US civil service. Worked for government contractors until end of 2013, when sister Nancy put a bug in my ear to move home to MKE, as Mom Brigitte was not getting any younger. Though Mom & I traveled a lot together, relocating to MKE is a move I will never regret. Had 3 non-stop FUN years with her and the family. Since back in MKE I have been volunteering for the USO at the MKE airport. Since Feb 2019, I am enjoying selling ZILIS CBD Oil and witnessing some amazing results in helping hundreds of people with health concerns from simple to more complex challenges including my within family.

School Story

I have recalled since graduating and have heard from classmates and others, stories of the RED 1965 VW Convertible Beetle, that transported many a classmate and their little brothers and sisters. We’d squeeze double and more people than the seats were meant to occupy. It really wasn’t my car, it was Mom’s, but was willing to make a run for milk or eggs, and if in the twilight hours, somehow took a roundabout way to KOHL’s, and loop several times around Big Boys.
Then there was the time with a bunch of cheerleaders someone had the bright idea of driving around the 12 stations of t h Cross at the St Francis Seminary. The road/path ran out & in to a line trees. I had no option (well at the time) other than to gun it, and we ended up on the track field of Don Bosco. Later the shenanigans continued, we were behind PHS driving on a walking path, and got a flat tire. Don’t recall how we got it fixed, but our perseverance continued and made stops at Leon’s and Big Boys. Silver lining, no one hurt.

What have you always wanted to do that you haven't done yet?

Build a small Chalet in Wildsteig, Bavaria w/ their own private bathrooms, and rent a few rooms out via Air BnB. Travel to S. France to visit friend Isabelle met at EAA OSH 2019, take small river cruises down the Rhine, Mosel, Seine.
Stay in an ice hotel in Nordic Scandinavia. See an Oktoberfest parade in Munich.
Spend a couple of weeks in Northern Wisconsin searching out kayaking, fishing, pontooning, boating, flying in small general aviation aircraft including seaplanes to search out breakfast & Fri Fish Fry locations & Supper Clubs.
See the Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany.
Visit Paris to pray at Notre Dame, and drop some € in the renovation kitty.

Activities: learn to knit a sweater, socks.
Cross country skiing in Norway.

How many grandchildren to you have?

4 listed above.
1 greatgrandson, Leo.
Though marriage was dissolved after just over 2 yrs, I am blessed to be close to the kids.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I worked in the White House as an Army Military Social White House Aide for Presidents Carter and Reagan. 1979-1981. Recognized Gov Lee Dreyfus at a Governor’s Dinner, introduced myself, he asked for my parents tel #, and called them whenhe returned to WI. My sister answers the ph not knowing who it was and said “sorry they are asleep” and hung up. Silver lining, he wrote a lovely letter which lasts a lifetime.
I love to sing and dance (though my Ex didn’t think much of the singing)

Words of Wisdom I wish I would have known:
Listen to your parents, for the most part, they are right, and are usually right.
Talk as often as you can with your parents about their growing up and experiences and lessons in life.

Lived one of your dreams?

Traveled a lot to many countries starting in college on a work-study program w/ UW-LaCrosse to Denmark, which included trips to Russia, Finland & Norway.
Flew on board a Warbird - C-17.
Had a heck of a 50th Bday bash w/ 7 bands at the Böblingen, GE Panzer Baracks Army Special Forces grounds.
Went ballooning for my 60th Birthday w/ Brother-in-law and HS Classmate Clark Crosby and his wife/my sister Nancy in Bavaria.

When was the last time you belly laughed?

With a child, my grand niece, Anneliese, every time I see her, so this past weekend. Otherwise, with adults, Early July, with 95yr old Kathi and her 88 yr old brother Hubert in Wildsteig Bavaria.

What animal would you be if you could choose one?

A black lab, just like the one my niece Mallory has, Ace, little barking and tons of love to give and receive.

Have you ever been kissed under a mistletoe? And by whom?

Once, a Danish trampoline class instructor/electrical engineer at a class party in the mid-70’s.

Did you ever make a prank phone call back in high school?

Oh yes. Calling friends who’s parents smoked and asked, “Do you have Prince Albert in a can”? ... well let him out. Dumb, but harmless.

Biggest thing that you would do differently if you were back at PHS?

Keep contacts with classmates before graduating, and set rendezvous dates. Threaten no-shows will be talked about.

Favorite food (that you don't have to cook)?

Homemade Guacamole and thin lightly salted chips w/ a homemade margarita.
Stop & go food: fresh croissant in France or Germany. But am learn Chicago has some decent alternatives. Same with chocolade.

Favorite music or group (from any era)?

Chicago, Beatles, Blood Sweat, and Tears, Ray Orbison, Pink, Lady Gaga, Frank Sinatra, German Schager Music, Bavarian Stuben Music, Oktoberfest and Biergarten Music, Fledermaus Operetta, Church Brass Music choir, (I can add more later), Huber von Goissern, Bavarian Rock, CCR, Three Dog Night

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Hi Jeff, it was great to see you & sorry I did not get to talk to Lynn. Could you please text me brother Jim’s contact info? My mobile # 414.982.9002. Thanks so much. What a great reunion class of ‘69. I haven’t stayed out that long in quite a while. Could not get enough of the stories.

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Hi Sharon, my name is Wendy, & am from the class of ‘70. Enjoyed readylinf about your travels, and would love to meet you, a fellow traveler, at the reunion.

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Hi Linda! So glad to see you are going. I am crashing your class reunion, and that’s a complement to you and your classmates! ????

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