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Mark Maticek

Mark Maticek

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08/08/19 09:38 PM #1    

Paul Horbinski (Horbinski)

I'm sorry to hear that Mark is not with us. He was one of our hallway gang. Mark, Dick B, Marty and Peter Pauc Pulaski's male candidates for Mensa. All great guys that didn't have to study. Lol

08/08/19 09:39 PM #2    

Paul Horbinski (Horbinski)

Mark once said he wanted to be a race car driver

08/09/19 12:19 PM #3    

Carol Lewandowski (Kern)

So sad to hear of Mark's passing.  I sat in front of him for 3 years in Mr. Romberg's homeroom.  

08/09/19 12:59 PM #4    

Patrick Meehan

A wonderful eulogy for Mark published in 2014, , , ,

08/09/19 01:17 PM #5    

Patrick Meehan

Mark was in Mr. Kendziorski's Fall 1965 mechanical drafting class with me at Christopher Latham Sholes Junior High School.  Mark was a fine draftsman at such a young age (14 years old!).  At Mr. Kendziorski's request for volunteers during an evening of parent/teacher conferences, we both volunteered to demonstrate "drafting" to parents who came to the drafting room.  Mark was terrific explaining to the parents who came what "drafting" was all about--Mr. Kendziorski was clearly pleased with Mark!  I think Mark is missed by all those who knew him.

08/10/19 12:15 PM #6    

Martin Iczkowski

One summer Mark's father got us a job placing door hangers in apartment buildings. It was hot and long.

Mark and I hung out and you knew he was a smart guy.







08/17/19 02:19 AM #7    

Tim Cowling

Specials thanks to whomever on the PHS 50th reunion committee located and posted the very fine article from the professional journal on the passing five years ago of Mark.

He was my very best friend almost since the day he and I met after a summer football practice in June, 1967, the month we both turned 16. He had just gotten his driver license, I think the day he turned 16, and offered me a ride home. Even though I lived just a few blocks from Wilson Park in the former army barracks on Howard Avenue, it was a couple hours before he actually dropped me off.

It was the first of many many cruises to the music of the day and conversations about history, politics, girls, sports, growing up, girls, literature, working and careers, girls, anatomy, health, drinking, girls, college, cars, girls, and more girls. We once road from Big Boy to Big Boy and ended up talking, just the two of us, for 7 hours plus and put 100 miles on his car.

After I started UW-Madison right after Pulaski graduation and he a few years later at UWM, and then after he married in 1974 and I in 1977, and then as we started our careers and I a family, we started drifting apart. But whenever we did get together we always picked right up.

To augment the excellent article on his passing, it should be noted that as the director of the med tech intern program, which also included UWM, Mark mentored well over 200 med tech students. They then populated hospitals and other medical centers throughout southeast Wisconsin, and then the Midwest and then the U.S.  

One dreary day in March, 2013, he surprised me with a visit to my Tosa home. He could barely walk. He told me of his diagnosis of multiple myeloma. After that he had about seven good, busy months. A few months later I was with him at his beautiful Palm Springs CA home for much of his last evening of his consequential life.

As Red said in Shawshank Redemption, “I miss my friend.” I just wish I had a rendezvous set with my friend on a white sand beach some place. 

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