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Lynn Hotson

Lynn Hotson

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05/11/19 04:33 PM #1    

Patrick Meehan

Lynn was in my 2nd year Latin class which was taught by Miss Riedl.  Lynn amazed me often with her great intellectual aptitude in that very challenging class–especially when it came to translating "Caesar's Gallic Wars."  With no English translation on her desk she could instantly translate any section of that book (written in Latin) to English like it was her second language and conversational.  Lynn merely sat back in her desk chair (quite relaxed), put her hand on her cheek with her forefinger extended, and read the book in very straightforward English with no struggling.   Miss Riedl would follow along with Lynn's reading and make no corrections.   It was always a sight to behold and truly amazing.  I was sad to hear of her passing.

08/14/19 01:48 PM #2    

Barbara Mecha (Wilson)

Thank you so much Pat for this lovely vignette. I can picture her perfectly. And yes, what a mind! Lynn & I were friends senior year. I remember being at her house, and she came out to our cottage where, per my diary, "We talked and talked and talked and talked." We went off to UW Madison and roomed together freshman year. No doubt we talked and talked a lot. The following year I opted for co-op (cheaper) housing, plus I had met Mr. Right, and Lynn & I drifted apart. 

Many years later Pat (hubby) & I were curious enough about "whatever happened to Lynn Hotson" to poke around on the internet. Since she had studied Russian at UW, had she joined the CIA and gone underground? All we found was that she appeared to be living in her childhood home with her mother. Back home to care for Mom? Or since Lynn died 20 years ago, had Mom been taking care of her?

I choose to believe that Lynn had a satisfying life and used her gifts in meaningful and challenging work. And is currently conversing with the popes in heaven, in Latin.  

08/16/19 11:45 AM #3    

Wendy Winkler

Barbara Mecha: That's a wonderful way to look at it. 

08/18/19 06:28 PM #4    

Jeanne La Pointe (Borkowski)

I too remember Lynn as one of the smartest people I  have ever known. She amazed me in every class that we shared. So sorry to hear of her passing. She was brilliant!


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